Classes & Training


Foundation Skills

Venue:  43 Achilles Road, Engadine (beside Anzac Oval)
Duration: 6 x 1 hour sessions
Course Cost: $190 (for 6 sessions)
Saturday & Sunday mornings at 8.30am
Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm (Daylight savings only)


The six week course will help you to understand how to communicate with your dog.  It will give you a basic understanding of general obedience and build confidence for both you and your dog. Our classes encourage all owners to have fun in training their dogs and use positive reward based training techniques.

Some of the things that you and your dog will learn are:

  • How dogs learn
  • Learn how to get your dogs attention
  • Teach, sit, come when called, stand, drop, stay, roll over
  • How to read canine body language
  • We address jumping up, biting, stealing socks/shoes etc.
  • Loose lead walking
  • Meet and greet other owners and dogs on lead, nicely
  • Teach them to go to their mat/ to bed
  • Food bowl exercises
  • Street walk

Life Skills

Venue:  43 Achilles Road, Engadine (beside Anzac Oval)
Duration: 6 x 1 hour sessions
Course Cost: $190 (for 6 sessions)
Saturday mornings at 9.45am


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Loose Lead Walking

3 week course just to focus on how to teach your dog to walk beside you.
Does he pull you down the street?
Are your arms tired after a walk?
Does he listen to you when you see other people/dogs out walking?
If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions then book in now to make his daily exercise enjoyable for you both.


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Private Classes

Some reasons to consider to train at home is your awareness that your dog has a behavioural problem and you are not sure how to handle it.  If you are not confident of handling your dog in a class environment or out in public, we will help you build the relationship between you and your dog.


Other factors to consider private training include:

Hectic lifestyle and your schedule doesn’t permit much time;

We will organise a mutually agreed time for you and the trainer to meet up and discuss your dog’s training schedule, be it either basic training or behavioural advice on specific issues.

Health concerns or lack of mobility;

We will offer alternate training techniques that will give you the same results.

Ongoing support from here……………………………………….

We will call you to discuss and review your dog’s progress.  You may not need another lesson but depending on how quickly your dog learns we may need to have a follow up lesson to go over the training schedule and make sure you are on the right track to a happier relationship with your dog.

How it Works

  • Our experienced Instructor comes to your house at a time convenient for you
  • You sit down and go through any specific concerns that you have with the instructor
  • The Instructor explains training theory and how to apply it.
  • The instructor will work with you to show you how to change/manage each problem
  • The instructor then leaves you with a training plan to work with the dog every day. It’s over to you as to how much time you put into it.
  • The instructor will follow up with you 1-2 weeks after the consultation to review progress and see that you’re on the right track. In the meantime you can contact the instructor for guidance if needed.
  • A follow up in-home visit might be needed if you wish to check that you’re following the right path and work on anything else that is required.

Do one of these classes interest you or would you like to find out more?