Paws Up is based in the Sutherland Shire providing your dog with walking, training & care for your pets whilst you are away.

Paws Up specialises in helping owners understand their dog & build on the relationship to create a stronger bond using gentle techniques.

We can take your dog out for a social run, help their loose lead walking and build confidence – we are here for you!


Whether your dog prefers a social off lead run around or a solo stroll with the same friendly face on a regular basis – Paws Up provides both. Guaranteed to be the best part of their week.


Our aim is to improve your relationship with your canine friend through positive techniques only. Our classes encourage all owners to have fun in training their dogs and get the best possible result we can.


Staying in their own environment for some dogs is the best place to be rather than changing what they’re familiar with. Your dog will be fed, exercised, cared for and loved without a worry.

Paws Up is here for you to walk, train and care for your animals.

We use gentle dog training and behaviour modification techniques to improve your relationship with your four legged friend.

We also provide walks for your dog when you are at work or just because you want them to have the best day out!

Enquire today and you will begin to learn and understand canine communication and build a relationship with your dog that everyone can enjoy.

0409 079 944